Two more afternoon teas…

The search continues for an afternoon tea that surpasses my first ever. The Everglades in Londonderry has beaten off every afternoon tea I have had since. Is that finally about to change?

Rocca Bar and Grill, St Andrews

What did we get?

We were promised an assortment of fresh fine pastries and cakes. I don’t know how you would describe this, but I would not use assortment or fine! Frankly, the eclairs look like they were made by a toddler. They tasted pretty stale too and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had been defrosted and then filled. There was no drizzle on the hunks of lemon drizzle cake either. Three is not an assortment either, if you ask me, and for the price, I expect five or six portions of cake, at least. The scones were ok, but there was no where near enough cream and jam for all four scones, so I had to go searching for a member of staff who could get us some more. It was whipped cream too, which is just a crime against scones!

Eclairs look like they were made by a toddler!
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