For Cakes Sake

Why do I want to start a catering business?

I started life in food. My first job was in a cafe and I loved it. The money was rubbish though, so I got a job in a deli where I was surrounded by wonderful new food and I had my first taste of catering.

Lemon Sherbert Humpday Cake
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I Bought a Dehydrator!

I’m so excited. I have wanted to have a go at dehydrating for a long time . People that do it seem to rave about it, so I was particularly curious. I was actually more interested in making meaty treats for my dog initially, and not drying fruit. But, I couldn’t justify buying one just for that (sorry Wilma). Now, though, I have a good(ish) reason to buy one. It’s not for my dog though – it’s actually for a recipe idea I’m working on.

My dehydrator packed with grapes, raspberries, strawberry pieces and blueberries.
My fully loaded dehydrator – Grapes, Raspberries, Strawberry Pieces and Blueberries.

If you have ever looked for dried blueberries in the shops you’ll know how hard it is to find them. You can get them from Amazon, of course, but you have to buy a big bag and they are fairly expensive. So, I thought I would “save” money, and instead I spent £41.99 on a dehydrator and a carrier bag full of fruit! Much better than spending a few pounds on a single bag! I’m sure you’ll agree…

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Perfect Macarons – The Holy Grail

Creating the perfect Macaron is like finding the Holy Grail for some Cakers. These heavenly little things have driven more people to quit than I can count – just spend a day in a cake group on Facebook and you’ll see exactly what I mean. These little meringue/biscuit hybrids are well worth the effort though, and once you’ve mastered them, they’ll take pride of place at every afternoon tea party.

Four raspberry ripple macarons.
Raspberry Ripple Mini Macaron, available as part of an Afternoon Tea at For Cakes Sake

When you first set out to make these impossible treats you’ll probably read a ton of blogs (like this one), you might even watch a bunch of tutorials. I know I did. In that case you will already know about perfect feet (that’s the bit under the smooth dome!) You’ll also want a smooth top, and a great rise with no cracks. But the fact is, that they only have to taste lovely, anything else is a bonus. Remember that, and you can’t go wrong!

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